Silver medal

Awarded: Silver

By: Wonsug Jung

Manufacturer(s): Dragon, Caesar miniatures, Preiser

Modifications: Added handles to the bridge, Notek light wiring, OVM clamps, chain and other small details. Home made width indicator with stretched sprue.

After-market parts: none

Description: This diorama was inspired by the boxart of the kit. I believed the painting guide indicating Operation Barbarossa in 1941, but later I came to doubt it and I'm not sure if this Elch 2 was ever engaged in a battle. But anyway... I had to finish it as it was first conceived. The vehicle is DML7265 and figures are from slightly modified Caesar miniatures late infantry set and conversion of Preiser 72501 and 72504 set. The 251/7 is painted with GSI Creos German grey lacquer and weathered with oils and pigments.

Judge 1
Impressive build. Nothing can be added more. The stand, the vehicle and the soldiers, all they are united by a single idea – to show an aspiration to fight and to win. The angled stand itself shows how difficult this task is. The figures are extremely well done with grim faces and crucial details well thought and elaborated. Especially the killed soldier and the crew of the vehicle. Though the composition is simple, it doesn’t matter at what angle we observe the vignette - we’ll see the same picture. We’ll see struggle, fury, determination of human beings and death in one moment, one of the millions of such moments, captured by the artist. Still, bright (if not glamorous) grass contrasts with this dramatic work.
Judge 2
Very little scene and terrain. I find it too much simple and uniform. I do not see any tracks marks on the ground. i like the brass, as is put in the scene. The brass color could be different with more tone variation and utilising also some other color like yellow or light brown.
Judge 3
Figures and Vehicle: This DML kit is already pretty good with your well done additions adding that extra touch. The model is very well photographed with clear, sharp, well lit photos that are nice and close, very well done. I like the colour and it is well applied but could be further improved with some subtle tonal variation and darker shadow regions (the comments may seem picky but that is because the level is already quite high!). I like the multi toned dust and dirt it really adds some interest and in general it is in the right places. I would also suggest that some subtle chipping and scratches in and around the crew access areas would add a bit more life and interest. One thing I must point out is that the surrounding ground looks wet and muddy yet this is not reflected on the vehicle. The figures are well done especially when one considers some of their origins. I really like the men grabbing onto what they can in the 251 and special mention to the hit man, simply supurb! The colours are good for early war and they are well painted but some of the figures seem glossy. The figures could be improved further with a darker line out colour to help add some depth and make the uniform details stand out. This is a tricky technique but when done well really adds something extra to any figure. Overall very well done, keep up the great work. Jason.