By: serge chassin

Manufacturer(s): Flak 38 italeri, figurines esci, wagon lima

Modifications: Flak 38:création du systeme de visé,des verins de mise à niveau,chargeur munitions. wagon plate forme:realisation du plancher en balsa et baguette plastique section de voie ferée:matchbox + balast

Description: Apres avoir eté largué sur la Hollande lors de l'operation Market Garden,des paras britanniques de la 1 ere division aeroporée, progressent le long d'une voie ferée. A proximité un canon anti aerien flak 38 a eté abandonné par la wehrmacht aprés de rudes combats.

Judge 1
It’s a good idea to unite in one diorama paratroopers and AA-gun since the last provided the greatest danger to airborne troops. The simple logic of war was if paratroopers are alive then AA-guns are destroyed or, as in this case, abandoned. The composition of this work, though it has in theory strong points, looks chaotic due to the poses of the figures which are too different to be united in one work (e.g. the running BREN gunner and the standing riflemen). Those ESCI figures are not the best choice for dioramas since most of them have unnatural poses. As for details, I’d like to mentioned the unnatural looks of the crater– its size shows the shell wasn’t large, but it broke the rail (and didn’t brake cross-sleepers, at least no traces of them can be seen). Some scattered stuff (a helmet, empty ammo magazines, boxes) adds to overall realism, but I can see no boxes with ammo (at least opened ones) with which AA-guns were supplied in large numbers.
Judge 2
I think that ground work is too simple and very uniform in term of color. There are not tone variation and also the roadbed integration could be better done. The crater is too little for an explosion that break the railway line.
Judge 3
Figures and Vehicle: It's a pity the photo's are poorly lit and mostly out of focus as this is an interesting scene, some close ups would have also helped. The Italeri Flak 38 is quite a basic kit and is really showing it's age now but it has been well constructed as has the wagon. The paintwork is a good colour and has been well applied, it could be further enhanced with some deeper shading and some signs of wear and tear, ie scratches and chips etc. I know you were limited with the range of poses for the figures but some of them seem to be out of place in the scene, the squad leader and the man leaving. Their colours are ok but like the Flak 38 they could be enhanced with some deeper shading to better define the details etc. Keep up the good work. Jason