By: Zeller Michel

Manufacturer(s): Preiser, Italieri, Hasegawa

Description: Ce diorama créé par mes soins, représente la capacité d'adaptation de l'armée allemande à récupérer le matériel saisit après la débâcle des Ardennes pour leurs propres fins.

Judge 1
Vehicles and Figures: This is quite a busy scene with maybe too much going on. The photos lack depth of field making most objects in each photo out of foucs, this makes it very difficult to say much about them. I like the wrecked Wirbelwind and the field kitchen is convincing. Your figures are generally ok and I really like the brightly coloured coat on the female civilian. I feel they are let down by the dry brushing which is overdone making them look toy like and unrealistic. The uniforms and colours are also incorrect for this late stage of the war, I would expect to see pants and the jackets the same colour and more grey than green with the majority of the soldiers with short boots. I like the poses and the interactions between the figures is very good. Concentrating on different techniques to achieve contrast between the shadows and highlights on the uniforms would be time well spent. Keep up the good work. Jason.
Judge 2
House is good but I do not see any roof re-building (the support of the roof). I have put more ruins around the house. Tree is not convincing me; I find it not so real.
Judge 3
The centre of the diorama is occupied by the ruined building. No matter, this building doesn’t correspond with the given description of the work, it takes almost half the space. All vehicles and figures are scattered near the sides nearly falling of the stand. So the composition is quite poor thought off, but what about the vehicles and figures? The choice of vehicles is a little unusual - half of them are anti-aircraft guns, rare participants of dioramas. The figures look natural with a group of civilians making the work livelier.