German Flak AA guns 1/144 scale

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By: charles carroll

Manufacturer(s): Poppy 1/144 plastic kits

Description: Model Master paints

Judge 1
The 2 flak guns you've presented here are truly tiny! They detail the manufacturer has managed to squeeze into them is really quite amazing. You've done a very good job of putting them together with only a few mould seems and a sprue attachment point escaping your attention. The base colours are a little patchy and I'm unsure of what the brown wash is trying to represent - mud, rust or a pin wash? If it's a pin wash it should tightly controlled and limited to the details and darker colours works best, if it's mud it's not a good colour or well placed. When placing mud it's always a good idea to consult photos and there are many to be found on the internet, also vary the colour to add interest. Keep up the good work.
Judge 2
These are two very little guns, really braille scale. You've faced a great challenge to glue them and you did it almost well. As for painting, base color seems uneven with brush traces visible here and there. Washing went out of control, and I'm not sure that it's color was an appropriate choice. I'm also not convinced of color of chipping (it's shouldn't be silver).
Judge 3
You should be commended for working with such small subjects (even in braille scale terms)! Good execution and close-up photography. Nice painting with different colors to break-up the subject. Just try to apply the weathering more evenly (less patches on the brown). There also appears to be some sanding scratches on your quad gun shield that should be cleaned-up before painting next time. The single flak gun seems to have just a tighter wash effect than the quad.