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By: Kildishev Konstantin

Manufacturer(s): Italeri

Description: Painted with Humbroll enamels, weathered with oils and acrylies Tamiya. Finally, some powdered pastel chalk is used.

Judge 1
This is a nice looking tank painted in authentic color. The base coat is even though it wasn’t easy to put it on a rough surface of this model. As for weathering, a lot of dust immediately catches an eye. The dust has quite natural color and is present in appropriate places and in appropriate numbers. Still, the dust covered most of small details, so I advice you to make strong pin-washes to raise them. Strains on the turret look a little rough and more rust could be placed on exhausts. More paint chips could be placed on edges as well. All in all, you made a good attempt to transform a toy into a model.
Judge 2
Construction is good and the base colour has a nice hue. The oil paint stage of the weathering could have been more subtle and blended a little better and a darker pin wash tightly controlled around the raised detail would add some more depth and life to the single colour scheme. Although you have applied some nice dark smoke stains you have forgotten to paint the exhausts themselves. The dust is where I would expect to see it but the colour blends with the base colour, dust always looks better if the contrast is greater. The tracks have been nicely done as have the engine screens. Keep up the good work.
Judge 3
The single colour finish has been well done, with good variation in tones and shades. The slight sheen to the finish also add a very metallic look to the finish and contrasts very well with the dried mud and dust. I'd suggest putting less dust and and pale streaks along the vertical surfaces, as it gives a slightly uniform look to the weathering. Keeping this stronger on the horizontal surfaces would look better.