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By: Gottlieb, Fritz

Manufacturer(s): Italeri

Modifications: hollowed out barrel and cut the tracks from the body and press it down between the wheels,

Description: it's from a unknown unit 1944, airbrushed with acrylics by Tamiya, weathering by oil paints, I used pigments for dirt on tracks, back - and frontside, decals out of box,

Judge 1
One can hardly imagine any major improvement of an OOTB fast-assembly model, but you’ve made one. This sag looks perfect and it really adds to realism of the whole work. The most noticeable feature of your model is mud, a thick layer of mud that more or less concealed those awful tracks. The mud is well-applied on the chassis, but mud splashes are a little rough on both sides of the fenders and lack variety in size, shape and coverage on the front and rear sides of the hull. As for painting, the basecoat is thin and even with nice tonal variation. Dusting is moderate with good coloration, though more dust could be present on horizontal surfaces and color tone of the dust should be a little closer to this of the mud. Fuel strains are nicely done on the drums, but I don’t see much of them on the engine deck. ISU-152s gun has a very powerful muzzle break, so it should be blackened for some degree. All in all, your attempt to turn a fast assembly model into a realistically looking vehicle is successful.
Judge 2
I know the gun looks out of place pointing at the sky but modifying it the way you have makes it look very strange indeed. The other modification -track sag- looks quite convincing and adds to realism. The paint is a good colour and has been well applied but some of your oil paint weathering hasn't been blended well enough leaving spots and streaks that subtract from the realism. The mud isn't bad but I'm less convinced with the colour, greys, pale browns & and beiges look the most realistic. Also keep the mud away from where the road wheels come into contact with the tracks as this area stays fairly clean due the constant motion. The decals have been well applied and blend well with the final finish and your exhausts look very good. Keep up the good work.
Judge 3
Building one of these kits and improving it is a "gold" in itself. Really good to see people building kits and just finishing them! Nice sag tracks efffect, beautiful decaling, and overall great appplication of paint in thin even coats. Your weathering is really good and just needs a bit more around the engine deck (e.g., dirst where crew/infantry walk, engine oil stains etc.) . Mud is good but could use some more around the side top fenders, but try to apply it a bit more evenly and off the areas of the wheels where they come into contact with the tracks. Mist-on some earth tones on the lower hull to bring the harshness of the mud effect down to scale a bit more. But overall this looks convincing.