ISU 152 (Victory Park)

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By: Joseph Russo

Manufacturer(s): Italeri ISU 152 No 7039

Modifications: Hollowed out barrel as allowed in OOB rules, Decals from Trumpeter BTR-80 APC kit, and dry transfer numbers

Description: This is a depiction of a the ISU-152 on display at Moscow's Victory Park. The source material was the photo from Wikapedia. I realize the tanks and rear deck are not the same but I could not resist the guards emblem and red muzzle brake. Airbrushed with Gunze Sangyo H303 (FS34102), Preshading panel lines airbrushin using Tamiya Smoke X-19. Wash with Winton Lamp Black/Dark Umber mixture, Dry Brushing with Tamiya Cockpit Green XF-71. Finished with Testor Dullcote.

Judge 1
The idea of painting a vehicle from museum is very interesting, but it has its own restrains. You are limited in using weathering techniques and you can mostly rely on varying tone of a base color. I think you succeeded in this task with the help of shading and wash, though shading on the left side of the superstructure is too rough and the wash could be much stronger. I also see a strange trace of white paint near the rear hatch. Though this contest is aimed primarily at painting, I’d also like to mention molding defect and something strange (fingerprint?) on the right side of the barrel.
Judge 2
I like this Italeri kit and have built one myself, they are quite simple yet give a good rendition of this intimidating vehicle - I just can't understand why they elected to pose the gun pointing at the sky? Construction has posed not problems and the paint work is a good colour and well applied. As has already been mentioned a darker pin wash would help bring out the smaller details especially on the roof, rear plate and engine deck screens. I understand you have depicted a museum piece but the green painted exhausts look very strange? The other smaller details have been nicely painted and you’re right the decals look great. Keep up the good work.
Judge 3
The build looks good, no problems there. The finish is also nicely done, especially being a display vehicle with no scope for mud, scratches etc. The finish is perhaps a bit too glossy. The linked photos does indeed have quite a sheen, but probably not quite as shiny as the model. On a side note, a display base that would clearly show the model as a display vehicle might be a good idea.