By: Ungvári Imre

Manufacturer(s): Academy

Description: Unknow unit, painted with Tamiya acrylics and weathering by MIG wash.

Judge 1
Construction has posed no problems in this tiny yet crisply moulded little kit. The base colour is quite authentic but the white flecks need to be removed. I'm unsure of what the rusty brown wash is supposed to represent, it's the wrong colour for shadows, in the wrong places for mud and too dark to be dust. To create some more contrast and interest the tracks and rubber rims on the road wheels could have been painted different colours as could the large passenger seat at the rear. When painting a single coloured vehicle you must take the opportunity to create interest with contrasting colours where ever the chance arises. The open engine compartment is a nice idea as is the turned handle bars, keep up the good work.
Judge 2
This Academy vehicle is an obvious choice for the fast build model, yet a model, not a wargame vehicle by its nature. Such tiny vehicles do not provide great opportunities for painting and weathering, but you've tried to make some wash. Still, the color of the wash isn't appropriate - it is too rusty for dust. Base color is too simple, well-known techniques like shading or fading could help to make it livelier. Some dust and dirt on the chassis would add to realism of the model.
Judge 3
The basic build looks fairly well executed though the filling of the join line on the mid upper hull on both sides could be improved somewhat. The rust coloured wash is somewhat effective in bestowing a corroded look to the vehicle but it’s a bit overused. It would have looked more effective if used more sparingly as a supplement to a base dark grey/black pin wash to create shadow in the recesses. Some use of contrasting colours on the smaller details (eg, rubber portion of the road wheels) would help the subject look a bit less monotone, and draw the eye of the viewer. Another tip to help with the one piece running gear is to scribe a fine line in between the road wheel and the track and load in a dark pin wash. This helps with the fidelity in giving the impression of a multipart assembly. Overall a good effort though, sepecially on such a tiny subject. Wayne