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By: Kritsada

Manufacturer(s): F-toys ,1/144

Description: A tank from world tank motor series which produced by F-toys,Japanese manufacturer. Although it is a toy , I fully painting and weathering like a model.The tank came with white camouflage out of box.I start with preshading it and paint desert yellow as a base color. After washed with black and red brown enamel color I try to improve my skill by painted a chipping and rusting all around the tank. Decal was came with this toy, so I apply it as picture and paint white color in the central of number.

Judge 1
These little toys are quite crude but I like your intentions - improving crucial painting and weathering skills and to this end you've had some success. The pre-shading is a little heavy and at times not in the best places, the technique can be quite effective but you need to keep the spray pattern under control and much tighter, limiting it to areas of deep shadow and away from raised edges looks best and has the most visual impact. A darker pin wash will combine nicely with your pre-shading and really add some depth and complexity to the finish. I understand you where using this model as a test bed for your chipping technique and although they are oversized they certainly look very good and are worth persisting with. I like the subtle fading and streaking and the engine deck screens are very well done. Keep up the good work.
Judge 2
These little toys are very good for training purposes – you can improve your skills in one or another technique without a risk of ruining a long-built project. You tank shows a perfect usage of fading technique and a good attempt of shading technique, though the edges came out a little dark. Chipping, as the previous judge mentioned, are out of scale and the model lacks weathering of the chassis.
Judge 3
The paint finish looks generally smoothly applied, especially considering the small size of the model. The paint chipping is good, being very delicate in some areas but a little heavy in others (overall very good though with something in this scale). Stronger shadows around the details would look good, using a pin wash for example.